Information sheets

neoWONDER Confidential Advisory Group (CAG) approval 

The CAG has granted approval for the neoWONDER research programme to conduct the linkages between datasets without consent (CAG Ref 21/CAG/0081 IRAS project ID 293603, REC ref 21/EM/0130)

neoWONDER Research Ethics Approval 

East Midlands – Leicester South Research Ethics Committee has approved the neoWONDER research programme (Ref 21/EM/0130 IRAS Project ID 293603)

Research Ethics Approval 

Yorkshire & The Humber -Leeds East Research Ethics Committee has approved the survey and interviews (Ref 20/YH/0330) (COMPLETED)

Indepth one-to-one interview Information Sheet (COMPLETED)

You will have an opportunity to indicate in the survey results whether you would are interested to participate in a one-to-one interview to further explore your answers.

Parent survey advert to display in neonatal units (COMPLETED)

We would also love to hear from parents with babies currently cared for in neonatal units. The survey advert is approved by the Research Ethics Committee and can be displayed in neonatal units. It contains an easy to access QR code. Please print the poster or contact to have copies posted. Thank you.